San Diego Walk to Emmaus


 Update September, 2015

FLY with CHRIST! Greetings from the Chrysalis Board ! We just wanted to update everyone on the 'haps' with Chrysalis. We had our Teams organized for Flight 22... but not many BUTTERFLIES !!! Also; the Representatives in Nashville are REVAMPING the whole program ! So, we thought we would wait ( I am going back to Nashville Oct 16 for the International Advisory Committee conference) until they release the NEW PROGRAMS from their 'cocoons!' We are hoping for a Labor Day 2016 Flight !!! So, IF you were ON THE TEAM earlier this year...wait for your phone call!!!

God Bless...Rick Lee //760-803-5733


Update May 20, 2014

Chrysalis Board positions

Community Lay Director:
Linda Ketterer  619-247-2353

Spiritual Director:
Pastor Tom Davis

Brittany Welch


Address for all:
San Diego Chrysalis/Emmaus Community
PO Box 502385
San Diego, Ca 92199-2385



Chrysalis Corner:

Chrysalis/Chrysalis Journeys is the counterpart to Walk to Emmaus for youth (15-18) and young adults (19-24). The boys’ and girls’ flights happen simultaneously, but in different locations.

Our biggest need from the community is sponsorship. You can download applications from the Applications box below. 

Cooking for Chrysalis is different than Emmaus as the kitchen workers volunteer for one meal at a time. If you would like to cook a meal, you don’t need a team application, but you should contact the head cook. 

Please fill out a team application ASAP!!! You can mail to address on the bottom or scan and send to








Rooster Doodles & Information
Applications/ Forms